Banana Spinach Smoothie


Hello everyone. There is spinach in the blender. You can see it :) It is very green and I like that. I wanted to post this recipe a long time now. So here it is. Drinking green smoothies is an easy way to get good amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and some carbohydrates in one glass.

Banana Spinach Smoothie

3 cups fresh spinach
1 banana
3 dates
pinch of salt
1/2 cup water

Mix all ingredients with your blender. Add more water, if it is not liquid enough. Add more dates, or a bit of agave sirup, if it is not sweet enough for you. The smoothies I drink could be too green for green smoothie beginners. So if you are a little skeptical, you can substitute one cup of spinach with one extra banana. Have fun with the color anyway :)

top_19-6-2014_spinach_banana_smoothie_245 I remembered to take the photo after blending a little… top_19-6-2014_spinach_banana_smoothie_235 Green, green, green!

Good Morning Melon Smoothie


For this recipe you`ll need a blender and a melon of your choice. This Smoothie is very suitable as a colorful start in your day. To eat fruit in the mornings is a very good idea, because fruits are easily digested on an empty stomach. In addition to that, because of their high water and fruit sugar content, melons belong to the most easily digested food all together. That´s why it is recommended to eat melons all alone without any other food added.

Now lets blend it!

Good Morning Melon Smoothie

1 melon (I used a netted melon)
1/3 cup water
1 pinch of salt

Slice the melon in two. Remove the core and extract the melon pulp (you can use a spoon for that). Blend everything together and enjoy!
That was very fast.