Home Made Chocolate and Traveling News


It´s been a long time, that I did not post anything. I am very sorry. Life just got me spinned up in the famous web of “to-do-lists”. I was very busy, so there was limited time for creativity. But now I am back. The reason I was so busy is good news. I am going to travel from now on (tomorrow) without return date. It´s very exciting for me and it is even harder to believe, that I really made it through all the to-do-lists without going crazy… Because there is a lot that needs to be done when traveling for unlimited time. But now, ready to go!

I will try to discover some delicious recipes on the go. Anyway, you can follow my traveling on melea-und-eddi.tumblr.com. Eddi is the name of a car…in case you were wondering :)

But now, before I leave, here is a very simple, at the same time very tasty recipe how to make your own chocolate. I can totally recommend trying this, because it is easy and you can store the chocolate in the fridge, for a very long time. I have no idea, how long really, but I guess delicious as it is, it wont last so long. And you can surprise your guests with this!

So here we go. You will need a hot water bath.


Home Made Chocolate

1 part coconut oil
2,5 parts cacao powder
0,5 parts agave sirup

To spice it up

any nuts you like
cacao nibs

Prepare a form with a sheet of baking paper. Fill in your favorite nuts or seeds or just plain air.

Above, there is just the equation. You choose how much chocolate you want to make. I think I took 1/2 cup of coconut oil and then adjusted the other ingredients.
You melt the coconut oil and then you add the agave sirup and the cacao powder. Stir until everything is well combined and be careful, that the whole thing does not get too hot. Otherwise it changes consistency from liquid to cloddy and you might be very sad (it happened once to me…). If you want to add chili, vanilla or salt, now is the perfect time. Pour the liquid chocolate mass (I am sure you tried it already :)) into the prepared form. Put into fridge or alternative into your freezer if you are too impatient to wait (I put it into the freezer). Wait until it is set. Cut into funny pieces.

E voilà, here it is. Your first homemade chocolate. You did it. It was easy, wasn´t it? And you know exactly what the ingredients are!