Dear Friend,

I am happy, you made it to the Deliciously Green Life. You are very welcome.

On this blog I want to share my passion for natural and fresh ingredients with you. I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen and creating recipes that I believe to be colorful, tasty and nourishing. And I enjoy sharing them with you!

It becomes more and more clear to me, that what we eat affects not only us, but everyone around us. It affects the economy, everyone working in the food industry, our friends, animals, plants, so basically the planet. It is worth taking action and doing some investigation about where our food comes from, who produced it under which circumstances, what are the ingredients and what we do really need.

I do believe in a holistic approach of nutrition. So therefore I try to use as much fresh, seasonal, local grown and organic produced ingredients as I can. Well I do fall for fruits from the south, but it is really hard to resist them. And it´s not possible to grow them on my own. That´s a pity, because I would love to have a coconut-tree in our garden!

You will find a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds on these pages. From time to time you will also meet some grains as rice, buckwheat, millet, oats and quinoa.

All the recipes I present to you here are plant-based, gluten-free, diary-free and without sugar. 

My drive to start this project was, that in the last two years I experienced healing from a long time atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. Additionally, during this time, all of the allergies I had since childhood just disappeared (would be way to long to list them all, but to give you some impression: carrots, all kinds of nuts, every fruit containing kernels, dust and so on…).

A big part of my healing, I connect to a radical shift of my diet. Lucky as I am, I was at the right places in the right time (well, it is possible that this is always the case…). First I got in contact with nature and with eating a lot of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Then I was in a place where I did not eat wheat nor sugar for about 6 weeks. After this experience I continued to leave out these certain foods. Then I became very passionate about a complete raw food diet for almost a year. I still eat a lot of raw food, but I began to include some cooked food again.

Another big part of my healing, I believe to be an important shift of how I see the world. Also for that, I was very lucky to meet the right people in the right places at the right time (still possible that this is always the case :)). But I am so incredibly thankful for that.

So I realized this:

The very base of staying healthy is always a combination of  paying attention to our body and our mind.

I guess it is crucial to be aware and to find out, what is really nourishing us. In all parts of life.

All of my experiences showed me, that my knowledge about what I need and what is helping me to evolve, expands every day. So I am trying to listen to my experiences and to be open for new discoveries on the way.

Sometimes it happens, that we realize, what we thought was good for us, is not! So that’s what I mean by staying open. Being open enough to let our experiences alter our believe system!

There might be no ideal dietbecause what we need may vary in different life stages, with age, with different physical activity,  from season-to-season and from day-to-day.

So, maybe you want to come with me on a journey and try out some recipes. Experiment with what you learn and then listen to your body and investigate further. And enjoy wonderful meals with your family and friends.

I wish you all the best,


If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can contact me on melea.menzinger@deliciouslygreenlife.com