Elder Flower Lemon Water


The scent and the taste of elder flowers for me is clearly related to the beginning of summer! Sweet and intense! So let´s bring some summer into the kitchen! The Name of this recipe is already telling you all ingredients, which you`ll need for the preparation. It is really simple. When gathering the elder flowers, make sure not to take them near big roads. Otherwise there will be exhaust fumes in your water later. The elder blooms from the begin of May until end of June. The elder flowers have a richer taste, when gathered after good weather periods. The outcome of this recipe is very refreshing.

Elder Flower Lemon Water

2 elder flower umbels
1 untreated lemon
2 Liter of fresh water

Wash the lemon under hot water. Cut it into thin slices. Add everything into a pot or a bowl which you can cover. Leave it there over night. You can also use the ingredients for another infusion.

Et voilà!




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